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Brian Egland

She Still Dreams

       October 10th & 11thtAtlanta, Georgiaa




The Cast

Missi B. Shepherd (Savannah)   Brian Egland  (Jethro)    Todras Sam  (Russell)      Amandah Baker (Etta Mae)

The Artwork
The Trailer
The Cast Interview
The Synopsis

She Still Dreams as she stands upon the porch of her Louisiana home, thinking of a life she does not live. Her life is with a husband that does not talk. Her small town way of thinking allows her to live opposite of her innermost desires, saying to herself, “This is my life, there’s no getting another one.” So she lives it, puts her dreams aside, and they fade away. This play is the story of a woman being lost in loss and life, and the beautiful process of finding the way through. As Savannah’s life unfolds upon the stage, it’s interrupted by her dreams in dynamic scenes that force her to express her deepest feelings and face her life’s hardest questions until She Still Dreams, not of what isn’t, but what can be.

Rehearsal Pics
Performance Pics
The Original Cast

Missi B. Shepherd (Savannah)   Jru Starz  (Jethro)    M. J. Battley  (Russell)      Nebu Nezey (Etta Mae)

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